Öjemossarna, (The Moss at Öje

In the middle of Hunneberg Öjemossarna are located. Öjemossarna is a large marsh area with a mosaic of open areas of moss, islets of firm ground and flat rocks. On the islets of firm ground one can find some of western Sweden’s oldest cluster of pine and spruce trees. Hardly any forestry has been carried out here and, therefore, the trees have had a chance to reach a very old age. There are plenty of big, heavy pine and spruce trees. The animal life is also very exciting in this area.

In Öjemossarna the feeling of wildlife and desolation is palpable.  The undisturbed location contributes to the fact that elks and red deer like to spend time in the area. The many large trees constitute excellent nesting grounds for birds of the old forest. There are redstarts, snipes, black grouses, fish hawks, pygmy owls, whooper, and cranes.

Traces of Peat-Digging

There are remnants of roadbeds across the moss. In connection with the peat-digging and the forestry on Hunneberg a railroad was built to transport sod and lumber to Lilleskog. The railroad ended at the edge of the mountain, from which sod was transported by cable car down to the railroad in Lilleskog. These days, along one of the roadbeds, there is a hiking trail that goes across the moss.

Hiking Trails

There are several roads and hiking trails that make it easy to access the mountains. The opportunities for hiking are almost endless. A path leads up to Öjemossarna in a north-south direction.