In the Troll Forest

In the forest at the Royal Hunt Museum Elk Hill live the goblins who are up to a lots of fun stuff. Here you can also have fun. This includes playing pinecone golf, walk along the Wildlife Loop, or help the trolls to save the forest.

Pinecone golf

Try a lap at Hunneberg 9-hole pinecone golf course. The course has nine holes and extends around the trees in the forest area behind the museum. Take a cone, a pen and a credit note in the box that is at the starting point. You should then try in as few throws as possible to throw the cone into the holes marked with a pennant. Once you've passed the first hole, go on to the next. 

Adventure in the Troll Forest

Help the trolls to save the forest in the small forest adventure, an exciting adventure for the whole family. Visit the museum and get a collecting bag, then it's off to the Troll Forest at the museum where your adventure begins. Sometimes you follow a trail, there is also alot of climbing, crawling and balancing.  Do not forget to look out for trolls tails!