Rent a canoe

Imagine gliding silently across Hunneberg's magical lakes as a beautiful natural scene appears all around you. It could be a beaver sitting and eating at the water's edge, an elk coming down to the water to have a drink and quench its thirst, or a pike jumping right next to you. Now you have the chance to experience all of this by renting a canoe at the Royal Hunt Museum.
With our spacious canoes you can paddle across Lake Eldmörjan and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

You can rent a canoe for for SEK 250 during the museum opening hours.
A canoe can hold two adults and two children or three adults.
The museum is located a short walk from Eldmörjan and the rent includes a canoe trolley so that you can easily take the canoe down to the lake.

Day rental: SEK 250
The canoe rental includes: Life jackets, paddles and canoe trailer.

You can rent canoes from the museum during our opening hours. If you want to know more or reserve a canoe, then you can contact us by phone on: +46(0)521 27 00 40 or email us at: museet@algensberg.com

Rental conditions

If any part of the rented equipment is damaged or lost during the rental period, then it is essential that this is reported to the canoe rental attendant upon returning to the Royal Hunt Museum. The damaged or lost equipment will be replaced in accordance with set prices. In case of severe damage to the equipment, then the replacement cost falls solely on the renter. In the event of misconduct, a canoeist may lose the right to rent a canoe. In more serious cases of misconduct, a canoeist may have the rented canoe taken off them during the rental period, along with any other rental equipment. You must use the life jackets that are provided. The instructions provided by the canoe rental office must be strictly adhered to.

Day rental: 
Note that the canoe must be returned before 6 pm as the museum closes at 18:00. DO NOT EXCEED THE RENTAL PERIOD. When the rental period is finished, the equipment must be returned to the canoe rental attendant at the Royal Hunt Museum.